Chef rewrites Nairobi’s menu and It pays off

French food is considered one of the finest and most complicated cuisines to master. But Kimani Kiarie bravely took on the ‘king of gastronomy’ when he opened the Five Senses Restaurant, a French fine dining establishment in Nairobi. Five Senses is a family-run restaurant that Kiarie operates with his mother, the person to whom he

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5 senses restaurant

Chivas whisky launch

There is something about whisky that just does not get old. Aged is usually a good thing for most fine whiskies, the longer it stays in the cask, the finer and more accentuated the flavour of the notes that harmoniously make up the whisky. As such, the essence is to understand the individual notes and

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Pork loin with a tinge of French

As the food and restaurant business continues to grow in Kenya, a local chef who has done stints in the finest establishments in Switzerland, France, and Qatar is setting a table here home. “With the experience, I can bring a different kind of cuisine that is not in the market to expand the culinary options,”

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